My Story

After years of severe abuse and developmental trauma, at the age of 16  I was removed from my home and thought, finally, FREEDOM at last.

I soon learned the world had tricked me into thinking that it could provide authentic freedom but what I had really found was an appearance of Freedom.

  • The appearance that drugs and alcohol could provide peace from a traumatic past.
  • The appearance that achievement and accolades could provide security in my identity.
  • The appearance that stature before men and women could provide worth and purpose.

These lies only contributed to a continual sense of emptiness, anxiety, identity crisis, lack of self-worth and a slew of unhealthy choices and toxic relationships.

It was a cold day in Chicago, January 2007 when I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time, and it was then that I experienced true freedom, it was the Remedy I had longed for my entire life.

The Remedy Counseling is dedicated to all those who wish to move beyond an appearance of freedom.  Perhaps, today is your hour of freedom.