Online Couples Therapy in Chicago

Let’s be real – loving each other is just the start. Building a lasting relationship? That’s where the real work begins. You need commitment, open communication, faith, and the strength to weather life’s storms together.

Think of us as your relationship pit crew. We’re here to help you and your partner tune up your connection, patch any leaks, and get you both racing toward real, deep healing. No quick fixes here – we’re talking about building a love that lasts.

Do We Need Couples Therapy?

For many couples, therapy may be viewed as a last-minute resort – the kind of thing that people only consider when they feel like their relationship is nearing a nasty end. The reality of couples therapy is that it opens the doors for individuals in a relationship to be vulnerable about their partnership without the fear of being judged about their feelings or perspectives.

Some common areas addressed in couples therapy can include (but are not limited to):

● Intimacy building emotionally, physically, and mentally
● Boundary setting with each other and those around you
● Platonic relationships with friends
● Relationships with family members
● Communication improvements from both partners
● Understanding identities outside of the relationship

What To Expect In Couples Therapy

During your sessions, our therapists will guide you through a journey of understanding and healing. We will work collaboratively with you to:

Identify Root Issues: Explore the underlying causes of conflicts and challenges within your relationship.
Enhance Communication: Learn effective communication skills to express needs, concerns, and desires constructively.
Develop Conflict Resolution Strategies: Equip you with tools to navigate disagreements and conflicts healthily.
Build Emotional Connection: Foster intimacy and strengthen your emotional bond with your partner.

Strengthening Your Relationship On All Fronts

Our practice believes in the synergy of faith and evidence-based therapy. We recognize the importance of psychological principles backed by research, while also honoring the spiritual guidance that can profoundly impact relationships. Our therapists are trained to integrate these two realms, helping couples draw strength from both their faith and proven therapeutic techniques.

If you’re ready to invest in your relationship and embark on a journey of healing and growth, we are here to support you. Our compassionate therapists are dedicated to helping couples like you find hope, healing, and renewal through our faith-integrated approach to therapy. We invite you to reach out to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our couples therapy services. Let us partner with you on your journey towards a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

Our Couples Specialists

Erin Staab, LPC, CGP