Vanessa Cruz, LCPC, CCTP

Hello! I’m Vanessa Cruz a clinical therapist and owner at The Remedy Counseling. I enjoy working with individuals, young adults, and couples. I have a specific passion for working with those who experience trauma-related stress, including childhood physical and sexual trauma, developmental trauma, and attachment trauma. I’m trained and experienced in trauma-informed therapy and am Certified as a Clinical Trauma Professional and Somatic Experiencing® professional in training.

Rate: $140 per session
Insurance: In network with BCBS PPO and Bluechoice

Breakthrough Specialist

Trauma has a way of keeping you in cycles. These cycles can present themselves in your everyday relationships from dating, marriage to the number of friends you keep or how close you allow them to be in your life. It can bring about anxiety, depression and even intrusive thoughts. Trauma does not always accompany flashbacks or visceral responses to stimuli, it can be as subtle as a negative belief about yourself that won’t go away.

Rest assured, there is hope for healing. The brain is reparable and God restores the soul.  Our therapeutic work will serve to not only assist in discovering where the trauma originated, but provide relief through properly processing and creating a new, healthier framework for life.

More about Vanessa

When I’m not in the counseling office you can find me enjoying time with my husband Adriel and our miracle baby Zachariah. He is our first born and long-awaited (10 yrs) child and he was WORTH the wait.  There are not many things that exceed your expectation but the joys of Motherhood are far better than I could have ever hoped for or imagined.  

The atonement of Jesus Christ is the only remedy and rest for my soul.

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The Remedy Counseling practice in Chicago offers online Christian counseling from a clinical, yet biblical worldview.

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