Online Trauma Therapy in Chicago

Childhood trauma casts a long shadow, often shaping our adult lives in ways we may not fully understand. Our practice recognizes the profound impact of early experiences and the struggle between past wounds and the fight to stay present. Our approach combines evidence-based trauma therapies while honoring your faith, offering a path to healing from a clinical, yet biblical worldview.

What Causes Trauma?

Trauma can be caused by a multitude of reasons, with almost all having a critical impact on the individual who experiences the negative event. Traumatic events can range anywhere from physical incidents like a car crash or home robbery, to emotional or mental occurrences, like abuse and manipulation. While there is a wide range of what can be considered “traumatic”, our practice wants to emphasize that no matter what your trauma is rooted in, you deserve a space where your feelings are acknowledged, supported, and uplifted.

Have You Been Through Trauma?

Trauma looks vastly different for everyone who has experienced it at one time or another. Some people can mask the lasting effects that trauma had on their lives to keep persisting forward. Others feel so debilitated from their trauma that it feels impossible to continue living their day-to-day lives as they once did. Both individuals are valid in their response to the things that have harmed them, and both have the power within them to move past their pain and start living for themselves again.

Common Symptoms Of Trauma

● Flashbacks: Vivid and distressing memories of the traumatic event that can feel as though they are happening again.
● Nightmares: Recurrent and disturbing dreams related to the trauma, often causing significant distress or fear upon waking.
● Insomnia: Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, often due to recurring thoughts or nightmares related to the trauma.
● Fatigue: Persistent feelings of exhaustion or lack of energy, even after adequate rest.
● Avoiding Reminders: Efforts to steer clear of people, places, activities, or conversations that remind the individual of the traumatic event.
● Withdrawal from Social Activities: Pulling away from friends, family, or social situations that were once enjoyable, often due to feelings of numbness or fear of triggers.
● Increased Startle Response: Exaggerated reactions to sudden noises, movements, or unexpected stimuli, often feeling on edge or constantly alert.

Faith Integration

Our commitment to integrating faith into the healing process sets our practice apart. Our therapists are trained to incorporate Christian principles into therapy, providing a space where your spiritual beliefs are honored and respected. We believe that evidence-based methods coupled with faith can be a powerful catalyst for healing, offering hope and a sense of purpose, even in the darkest times.

If you or a loved one is struggling with the aftermath of trauma, please reach out to us. Let us help you navigate this journey with compassion, expertise, and faith. Together, we can transform your pain into a story of strength and resilience. Healing is possible, and it starts with taking the first step.

Our Trauma Specialists

Erin Staab, LPC, CGP